Vico, the principal village of the Deux Sorru region

A stroll around the ageless village....

Casa Murza, at an altitude of 500m, nestles into the side of a hill and overlooks the village of Vico. To reach us you will pass through the village with its tall dignified houses, built around a maze of narrow lanes that branch off the main street. A wander around the village will assure you of its charm.

The village enjoys a rich history which can be seen when visiting the church and nearby monastery. There are also a few shops including the essentials such as a chemist, post office with cash point machine, newsagent and grocers store.

The village is often very quiet in the early afternoon but once the shops reopen and the school finishes for the day it springs into life. When the players come to enjoy their daily game of petanque and an aperitif at one of the many cafe/bars the picture of a thriving village is complete.

Welcome to Casa Murza !

The open aspect of Casa Murza offers superb views of the Sposata ridge opposite and ensures that there is a generous amount of sunlight. Our home, the main house itself is decorated in a style which reflects the travels of its owners and the interior decorating skill of Michel.

With one room upstairs the main house, a small round house and gypsy caravan to be found in the garden, everyone will have all the space needed for their comfort.
Breakfast and dinner are served either on the terraces or in the gazebo in the midts of the greenery of the garden.

Peace and Quiet...

to soothe you !

If you remember only one thing about Casa Murza it will be how peaceful it is. Far from the hustle and bustle of the summer season, allow yourself to be soothed by the quiet of the garden which offers both shade and a gentle breeze, even at the height of summer.

After a long day discovering the delights of the region why not relax in one of the many secluded spots on offer in the garden. Within the 5000m2 you will find hammocks, lawns, a summerhouse, a pond and many other peaceful places.

According to Permaculture’s good practice,

an environment which follows the rules of nature .

In our garden you will discover many varieties of plant that are typical to the flora found on Corsica, both endemic and more universal, sharing space in perfect harmony with our fruit and vegetable growing. As a way to discover Corsica identify the plants which grow here, the botanical names have been attached to key specimens: myrtle, immortelle or even a hundred year old sweet chestnut tree.

Around the pond, each element coexists with its neighbours with only the rules of nature controlling success, and failure. One day the whole will develop into a forest garden with distinct areas of cultivation.

A brief description of permaculture.