Discover the west of Corsica through the many different activities available, on land or on sea!

Vico is an hour’s drive from Ajaccio, 45 mins from Porto, Piana, Ota and Guagno, 35 mins from Cargèse, 30mins from Soccia, Evisa and Rosazia and 20 mins from Sagone.

The harbours of Sagone, Cargèse and Porto offer opportunities for subaqua diving, boat hire (with or without a crew), or sea fishing.

It is very easy to spend a day at Ajaccio with its numerous attractions (route des sanguinaires, the old port, marina and the morning market). The Musée des Beaux-Arts housed within Palais Fesch is well worth a visit.

Not to mention, of course :
- river bathing 5 minutes from Casa Murza by car
- pleasant spots off the beaten track
- walks and hikes by the coast or in the mountains

All times given are approximate and include the return journey.

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The Deux Sorru valley

There are many choices for walks along a variation of the “Mare a Mare Nord” and from Soccia.

Lower down the valley, leaving from the “pont de Belfiore” at Murzo, there are walks towards Muna or around Vico.

A selection of walks

Around Porto

- Follow a magnificent section of the “Mare e Monti” between Partinello and Ota, passing through Serriera.
- Visit the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site of Scandola by taking a boat trip from Porto, Cargèse or Sagone. There are a number of different itineraries offered from one hour to half a day.
- From Col de la Croix, 20 km north of Porto, you can take the postman’s footpath to Girolata (3hrs 30mins).
- Near to Ota at the “Deux Ponts d’Ota” (2 pretty stone bridges) on the D124 another section of the “Mare e Monti” will take you along an old mule track and into the gorges de la Spelunca (1hr 30mins) or continue on and climb up (600m) to the village of Evisa (5hrs 30mins)

Calanches of Piana

- “Le château fort”, leave from the car park at “Tête de Chien” (1hr)
- The tower at Capu Rossu (3hrs 30mins)
- The old mule track between Piana and Porto (1hr 15mins)
- Circular walks in the Piana forest
- Above the Calanches climb through the Piana forest to the summits of Capu d’Ortu (1294m) or Capu Vitullu (1331m). (5hrs 30mins each)

The Aitone Forest

There are a number of different routes from the parking area about 500m beyond the holiday village (no longer in operation) “Paisolu Aïtone”.

- Sittelle path (1hr). An opportunity to spot a species of nuthatch endemic to Corsica.
- Leave the Sittelle path and go onto the waterfalls “di a Madre”. The more energetic can either cross the river and climb up to col de Cuccavera (1475m) or follow a variant of the “Mare a Mare Nord” to Col de Verghju (1477m) (between 3 to 6hrs).
- Follow the easy, shady path through the sweet chestnut woods of Evisa towards the Aïtone forest and a small parking area. There are information boards giving details of this very important local activity. (1hr 30mins).

The far side of Col de Verghju

- Leaving from the parking by the hotel Castel di Verghju, an experienced walker can reach Lac de Nino (1743m) by following the GR20 south (6hrs 30mins).
- A little further there is a parking area within a hairpin bend in the road. From here the waterfalls at Radule can be reached by following the GR20 north. (2hrs).

Around Marignana

- Follow the “Mare e Monti” towards Evisa and explore the abandoned village of Tassu (1hr).
- Follow the “sentier des Résistants”, which is now part of a variant of the “Mare a Mare Nord” either towards Revinda and Cargèse or in the opposite direction towards Renno (6hrs).

Cruzinu Valley

- The summit of Monte Cervellu (1624m), connected by a ridge to “Le Tretorre”, can be reached from the village of Rosazia (5hrs).
- There are different picturesque footpaths which pass through the different villages of the area.

Around Cargèse

- “Punta di Trio, easy circluar walk with parking on the D81 on the Cargèse side of Sagone (1hr).
- From the beach at Peru to the Genoese tower on Punta d’Omigna, just north of Cargèse (1hr).
- Head for the standing stone (Menhir) known as “u scumunicatu” by following the “Mare e Monti” from Cargèse towards Paomia (1/2hr) .