There are many choices for walks along a variation of the “Mare a Mare Nord”.

Upper Valley :

- From Letia to Guagno les Bains (4hrs 30mins) or in the opposite direction towards Renno (3hrs)

- Walks around Soccia village towards l’Aghja and Guagno les Bains

- The walk to Lac de Creno (alt 1310m) has two starting points. The most popular, very popular in high summer, is a little above Soccia (2hrs 30mins). The alternative is from Ortu (3hrs 30mins) which follows a path that is very steep in parts and difficult under foot. From the lake the more energetic can continue on towards the GR20, other lakes and a mountain refuge.

- From Guagno there is a walk through the beautiful Libiu forest towards the bergeries de Bassitone (3hrs 30mins) or a walk up Monte Tretorre at 1462m (5hrs)

Lower valley :

- The old village of Muna by road via Murzo or following a shady walk along the river Liamone from the pont de Belfiore (5hrs)

There are no shops at Soccia, Orto or Guagno