When Casa Murza first opened its doors in 2009 it had passed all the necessary criteria and was proudly bearing the label of “Eco-Gîte” from the “Gîtes de France” internationally renowned organisation.

Our commitment to the environment remains as strong today and is the starting point for all the decisions we take. Our objective for Casa Murza is to create a home, a point of reference even, where we can live and welcome guests with minimum negative impact and maximum autonomy.

  • Incorporating the house within its surroundings
  • Built using local and eco-friendly materials
  • Energy consumption managed (water and fossil fuels)
  • Renewable energy used (solar panels for electricity and hot water generation, wood burning stove in winter )
  • Garden landscaped and maintained using the principles of permaculture including the recycling of organic materials (composts, mulches)
  • Working towards a zero-waste goal.
  • Organic and local produce
  • An “ethical” host used for the website

Where possible we place the needs of the local countryside foremost in our decisions and our actions. We look forward to our good humoured exchanges of ideas and opinions about the destiny of our planet.